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Caroline Jensen has a passion for helping others create and grow their unique voice through photography and other hobbies. This cozy place is built to engage and encourage other like-minded artists who share a passion for creativity. 

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Join us if you would like to take advantage of these wonderful features!

  • FREE Lensbaby Education Group ($250 value)
  • FREE Macro Photography as Stress Relief Workbook ($150 value) 
  • Creative Book Club - Read a Book, Share an Image!
  • Unique Support for Painterly Image Creators
  • Classic Art Instruction
  • Support for Slowing Down and Self-Care for Photographers
  • Access to paid mentoring by Caroline Jensen
  • Access to enroll in Caroline's long-running and inspirational course: The Observant Photographer: Learning Narration to Nurture Your Creativity
  • Access to enroll in Caroline's popular workshop, Nurturing Your Voice and Style!
  • Access to enroll in Caroline's Gentle Critique Group!
  • New courses coming soon!
  • Support for starting your own macro photography garden!
  • Plus, much more!
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