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We are a hobbyist community and that is what makes it AWESOME!

Caroline Jensen, the founder of CPN,  has a passion for helping others create and grow their unique voice through photography, gardening and other fun hobbies. This cozy place is built to engage and encourage other like-minded artists who share a passion for plants, photography, and creative editing too. 

Hobbyists (and pros who need some downtime!) love to explore and try new things. We have no pressure or timelines and so our interests may change day to day or season to season. That is why you might find lots of flower shares in summer, cozy food images in winter, or photos of a craft or sewing project. We are all about celebrating those things that make life fun (and less stressful!). 

Caroline believes that fluency in editing and vision make people happier and all that joy is amplified when you photograph nature and things you love! She provides many courses on popular editing programs and ebooks and videos which teach you to nurture your visual voice and observations skills. Here are a few courses you gain access to when you join CPN! New classes are added based on student requests!


The heart of the Creative Photography Network is to encourage hobbyist and pro photographers to create images that bring them joy and add fun to their lives. Caroline Jensen is particularly passionate about macro photography (or intimate landscapes) as a form of stress relief, but all genres are welcome. 

Many Members LOVE to Photograph Nature

The Seasons Change and So Does the Photography You Find at CPN

Why You Should Join Us

Join us if you would like to take advantage of these wonderful features!

  • Are you tired of all the clutter and stress of Facebook? CPN is all about making friendships centered on photography for the fun of it. No ads, no arguments...just fun!
  • We are a community dedicated to the hobbyist photographer. There is no pressure here to be in business-- just support for creating your best images!
  • Our commitment is to grow a friendly community for sharing images, progress, and cultivating friendships
  • Do you want to learn new skills like photo editing? Do you want to better understand yourself as a photographer? Or would you just like to make pretty images for your home? You are in the right place! 
  • The paid membership area lets you gain access to Caroline's exclusive iPad editing course that features her unique painterly process! 
  • New classes are added frequently!
  • FREE Macro Photography as Stress Relief Workbook ($150 value) 
  • Creativity is nurtured and encouraged! 
  • Unique Support for Painterly Image Creators
  • Frequent new tutorials!
  • Private monthly small group mentoring available!
  • Support for starting your own macro photography garden!
  • Plus, much more!

Love from Past Students!

Nancy Armstrong

I cannot say enough good things about Caroline Jensen’s class. I was struggling to find my photographic voice; the assignments and feedback from Caroline were just what was needed to open my eyes. It helped me to understand not just what makes my heart sing but why

I have been studying photography for years and taken many photography courses - both online and in person. Caroline is the best instructor I’ve had - bar none. She has it all - beautiful artistry, the technical knowledge needed to create exceptional photos, and a teacher’s soul. She is patient, kind, and giving to all of her students. Caroline has inspired a love of art and photography in me—and I know in others as well.

Joan Showers

There are certain people, and very few at that, who I admire for their achievements or their impact on others. Caroline is by far one of them. Since we are speaking of her as an artist, her skill behind the lens and her performance as a visual artist is beyond remarkable. I hope I’ve taken every class that Caroline has taught. If not, I missed out on a singular experience. I’ve met Caroline maybe three times. She has an inner glow that I bet she is unaware of having. She is kind, unpretentious and gives generously. I wish we lived closer so I could see more of her, but grateful that I know where to find her and her wisdom.

Sue Bahen 

This class is very introspective and while there is shooting, it’s not like other classes where you are shooting a lot. There are lots of exercises where you look at what influences you and what inspires you. It’s an amazing class and as always, Caroline out does herself as a teacher. This lady is truly gifted and generous.

Danielle Awwad

This class is amazing!!! All of Caroline’s classes are. I’m actually re reading it currently and I can’t tell you enough how wonderful it is.

Deb Garman

I’ve taken four online classes with Caroline and travelled halfway around the world to learn from her in person. She is a gifted teacher and amazing photographer. She provides a warm nurturing environment to learn in and is generous with her time and knowledge.

Stacy McEligot

Caroline is a generous and gifted learning facilitator.  She provides the tools and support to nurture her students' individual development in an environment that is both challenging and nurturing.

Jamie Fulenwider

My photography journey would not be anywhere without Caroline guiding the way.  Caroline has a special touch with an endless heart she shares with each of her students that is rare.  She is always there to present a challenging concept in a different way, or helps to bend an artist's soul to catapult artistic growth beyond your wildest imagination.  Caroline is a gift to the photography world and I am so glad has been by my side as this journey rolls onward.  I look forward to learning more be it Lensbaby, post processing, artistic study, or anything else she shares.

Maureen Zacharias 

I took Caroline's Visual Voice class and found it to be very thought provoking. As a teacher, she thinks outside the box and meets you where you are. I felt very comfortable sharing my photography journal with her and I now I feel more confident in who I am. I plan to continue learning from her and encourage others to do so as well. The money I have spent on my photography education has improved my skills more than purchasing any camera or lens.

Lisa Edney

Caroline is a skilled instructor and I’ve had the opportunity to take a number of classes from her. She is wonderful at explaining concepts in detail for all learner types & responding to questions to ensure students grasp concepts. She excels at encouraging while providing opportunities for growth and development through constructive critique. I look forward to the next opportunity to enhance my skills and grow my art with Caroline.

Heather Wilson 

Caroline has been the best educator and encourager of my own personal photography goals. After taking a small critique course with her I had learned more in only a few hours than I had in almost 10 years of shooting! I love her vision and her ability to see and think through artistic challenges I had overlooked. I was challenged and inspired in ways I had never thought before.

Eileen Critchley 

I admired Caroline's work before signing up for her Communicating in Color and Light class. I had zero experience with Lightroom when I signed up (I had just switched from PSE to Adobe CC) and this class was invaluable for me. It also introduced me to other programs I use to this day (plug-ins) which I didn't know anything about before. Caroline is a generous, encouraging  and patient instructor. She is passionate about teaching, and I know that all of her classes are an amazing experience. I highly recommend them.

Kathy Linford 

The classes I took from Caroline were life changing to my photography journey. Particularly the Visual Voice class. During that class I spent time exploring the type of photography that really spoke to my soul and fell in love with more abstract photography. I became much more adept at Lightroom following the Communicating in Color and Light class. Caroline is gentle, compassionate, incredibly knowledgeable and supportive of her students. And not just during the classes. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to learn from Caroline!!

Jackie Voeller

I grew the most as an artist taking Caroline's classes. She teaches in a way that encourages YOUR voice, not HERS. To me, this is the mark of a great teacher. She gently leads in a step by step way gaining the tools to confidently become who YOU are as an artist.

Michelle Wright 

Caroline is an amazing instructor who goes above and beyond for both paying and non-paying (as in the CPN) photographers who wish to grow and develop as artists. Under her instruction I have found her material to be thorough, thought provoking and energising. She has such a creative mind, as well as being a kind and generous soul, which translates through to her teaching style. I will always be indebted to her for providing me with a solid foundation during the beginning of my photographic journey up to the current moment where I find myself in need of more advanced assistance. I cannot recommend her highly enough and will continue to support her endeavours, wherever that may take her.

Heather Morgigno 

I have taken two of Caroline's classes and am a member of the Creative Photography Network. Caroline is so authentic and she is amazingly generous with her talents. In her classes and on the network she really goes above and beyond in sharing methods, tips, tricks and, of course, always guiding us toward our own unique artistic voice. I love it all and highly, highly recommend!! I personally will continue to take as many classes as I can afford!


Caroline's style of teaching goes beyond showing you "how its done".  She directs you very cleverly, to discovering your own way.  She is quiet spoken, real and very generous with her knowledge.  I especially like learning from her about color and observation.  

Elizabeth Hargrave 

In summer 2016 I signed up for one of Caroline's classes hoping to learn a bit more about Lightroom and processing.  Little did I know that I would also learn a lot about my own photography journey. Caroline created a learning environment to push and explore , there were no wrong answers but a tonne of specific and amazing feedback.  When I had the opportunity to sign up for Carolines Visual Voice class in January 2019 I decided to despite being in a very dark place in my life.  That class was a type of therapy for me. She once again created an environment to learn but also one that is a safe and trusted place to find a way to reach into the most vulnerable parts of our lives and share it with her.   

I am always amazed at how Caroline can read the story in an image.  It is an amazing talent but what a gift she is to the photography world to share her talent , time and love.  

Jenny Waller 

Caroline’s goes beyond what’s expected as an instructor. She pours her heart and soul into. She makes sure her students not only understand but wants them to grow and and feel inspired. 

She provides so much material and makes it easy to achieve her techniques. I throughly enjoyed her online class and Ilook forward to taking more in the future!

Amanda Myers 

Caroline is truly one of the best photography instructors I've learned from (and I've taken a LOT of classes!)  She is so thoughtful and her feedback is invaluable.  I took an online workshop with her where we learned how to strengthen our images through "narration."  We used really cool techniques like learning through music, poetry and classical art.  Her course definitely made me a better photographer and it's one that I need to revisit.  I also took a food photography class from her and was completely blown away.  There a lot of great photographers who teach, but only a handful that are as creative and skilled at teaching as Caroline.

Sol Sánchez 

Caroline has always been one of my favourite artists. Moreover, she is a gifted instructor AND a wonderful soul. I have learnt from her how to use a Lensbaby, manipulating color and light in post processing, being an observant photographer and identifying my voice. No doubt she is the one person that had the deepest impact in my journey as a photographer and I will always be thankful for that.

Lori Lankford 

Caroline is an incredible educator and artist. She invest deeply in her students growth as a photographer and artist. She is an expert at creative photography and helping students not only learn technical skills but finding their voice as an artist. Caroline cares deeply about teaching and helping students find their artistic path. She shares so much of her knowledge, love for photography and love for life. It is a joy to take a class and learn with her!


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